• Real opportunity for market growth.
  • Ethical and socially responsible unlike shorting stock or investing in tobacco and defence.
  • Fastest growing market. The value of the carbon market has grown from $8.3m in 2005 to over $125 billion in 2009.
  • Banks, brokers and hedge funds are buying carbon credits, you now have the opportunity.
  • The time is right now. The Kyoto protocol in 2012 will have huge implications for carbon and emissions reporting, this can only continue to push demand up.
  • Purchasing indicative spot ‘VER’s’ leaves a lot of opportunity for movement.
  • The Bank of New York has very recently set up a registry where buyers can track VER transactions.


Green sustainable purchases are a rapidly growing area of interest among savvy individuals and businesses. The Global Carbon Market grew to $144 billion in 2010 and shows no signs of slowing. Many companies whose production remains capped or even reduced by carbon limits, require these valuable credits to remain operational.

Climate change has emerged as an important theme for carbon off-setters in recent years. The evidence of this has been shown by the growing numbers of shareholder resolutions related to climate change. The significant increase in renewable energy market and the huge growth in the value of the carbon emissions markets, now estimated to be worth £139 billion per annum.

Carbon markets grew to $127 billion in 2010, nearly doubling from 2007 levels. Rapid growth is also expected over the next ten years. Some industry projections forecast the carbon markets will reach $3 trillion by 2020.

Whilst regulation is creating a number of national and international cap and trade schemes, financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have rapidly expanded their carbon businesses.

For buyers this means that carbon offsets represent an exciting opportunity to become directly involved with high-impact, ethical purchases that deliver measurable benefits to people and the environment. The value of carbon offsets is likely to increase significantly as the markets mature and the international demand for carbon increases.

The Team

Carbon Future is a firm of highly experienced professionals specialising in providing customers with responsible opportunities in the carbon emissions market.
Our team has over 50 years of professional experience, gearing most of our projects towards the carbon market. We provide a comprehensive view to the world of effective offsetting. Our socially responsible, carbon offsets offer the prospect of potential reward whilst delivering significant environmental benefits.
We want to help clients diversify their portfolio by exploring the opportunities available in this unique asset class. Customer of Carbon Future will also be playing a part in safeguarding the environment for future generations. Through knowledge, expertise and service, we establish solid long term relationships with our clients.
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