Risk Warning / Disclaimer
Carbon Future is the Trading name of Lawrence Investment Holdings Ltd Company No. 06679448
Any prices of carbon credits shown are indicative only and are based on current exchange rates. Carbon credit prices can go down as well as up. It may be difficult to obtain true market prices for VERs as many are transacted “over the counter” and as such values may vary from reseller to reseller. Currently VERs are not as liquid in comparison to the compliance EUA credit market. There may be a big difference between the buying and selling price of carbon credits. Trading in carbon credits involves risk. You may get back less than your total outlay. Any growth shown or suggested is a projection only and cannot be guaranteed.
Whist efforts have been made to ensure that the data and other information in this report are accurate, no warranty as such can be given and, additionally, information applicable to the carbon credit markets is subject to change. The purpose of this report is solely to provide introductory information and some background to the specific topic. It is not intended for use directly or indirectly in market forecasting or for making decisions. Carbon Future Trading and/or its directors, agents or employees accept no responsibility or liability for any losses or damages incurred as a result of use of this report.
The content of this document and other Carbon Future promotional material, printed and electronic, should not be construed as Carbon Future (the “Company”) making an offer to sell, nor an invitation to subscribe for or invest in the Company. No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is or will be made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information including all projections or opinions contained in the text and no liability is accepted by the Company and/or its directors, agents or employees. By accepting delivery of the content the recipient agrees not to reproduce and/or distribute this whole or in part.
Recipients are advised to consult their own advisers and consider for themselves the financial, legal and other consequences of any purchase before doing so. Carbon Future Trading is not regulated by the Financial Service Authority or similar and recipients are reminded of the risk factors described in the content and in our Terms of business. Carbon future is not authorised to offer advice. VER operate in the physical delivery of the carbon credits to intended buyers, who have agreed to
purchase the asset. They are not traded, Carrbon Future only participates in the selling of the VCS Verified Carbon Offfsets (VERs). The credits are held in Nominee account, on behalf of the purchaser. The VCS Project Database is powered by NYSE Blue which is a leading provider for environmental and energy markets, specialising in renewable energy and greenhouse gases
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